An assessment is the opportunity to have a 50-minute assessment consultation. During this assessment information about the client is gathered to make an assessment of the individual needs. The client will then be given recommendations of the type and length of counselling therapy and any necessary signposting. It also gives the client an opportunity to express their goals and expectations before beginning the counselling journey.

Single Session 

A single session similar to an initial assessment in that it is a one-off counselling session which can provide a space for someone to talk and explore an unexpected problem or concern. Single sessions are limited to 3 sessions per year, per person.

Individual Counselling (6+ session)

Individual counselling can be either short-term (6 – 12 sessions) or long-term. Depending on the assessment and the client’s goals and needs, each client will be provided with a weekly 50-minute counselling session using the integrative counselling approach which is led by the holistic needs of the client.

Couples Therapy (Minimum of 6 sessions)

The approach used when working with couples is Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples. This type of therapy is structured so that a minimum of 6 sessions are required. Each session is 50 minutes. The couple will have their first two sessions together, followed by individual sessions where each person gets space to explore previous and current relational dynamics including family relationships. The couple will then come back together for the remainder of their therapy. During the therapy the couple will be able to look at their current negative cycle of behaviour, how that has impacted on the relationship and then work on repairing the relationship and create a new, more positive cycle with clearer boundaries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions may help you with some of your curiosities about what counselling/therapy is, how it works and where it will take place. If you require more information or have questions, please do not hesitate to use the Contact Us Form.

How are counselling sessions/couples therapy delivered?

Individual counselling can be delivered by telephone, video call or face to face. Couples Therapy can be delivered via video call, face to face at the counsellor’s location or home visits to the couple. All sessions last 50 minutes and it is important that the sessions start on time as all sessions will end 50 minutes after the agreed start time. An individual or couple will have to agree upon an agreed number of sessions before counselling starts. This can then be reviewed before ending to decide whether treatment will end or will continue.

How long does the average counselling treatment last?
The average counselling treatment is 6 sessions for individuals or couples who are looking for short term support. If longer term support is required, then some individuals can have between 12-36 sessions and couples between 12-24 sessions. There is also the option to have single session support which offers individuals a maximum of 3 sessions per year.
After the sessions are complete can I/We return?

After the treatment is complete, individuals and couples are more than welcome to have a follow up session or return for additional sessions. Depending on length of time between treatments, a new assessment would have to be completed prior to starting counselling/therapy.

What is the frequency of the counselling sessions?

Counselling sessions are generally scheduled on a weekly basis, on the same day and at the same time. However, Natasha Lewis Counselling is able to offer the option of fortnightly and monthly sessions, in addition to some flexibility for those on a changing shift (subject to assessment and availability).

What happens if I cancel at the last minute?

If you cancel a session with less than 24 hours’ notice or do not show up for a session, you will be charged for the session and required to make payment prior to your scheduled session. There are exceptions that will be accepted at the counsellor’s discretion.
If you have informed your counsellor that you are unable to attend a session and give more than 24 hours’ notice, then you will not be charged for the session.

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